Live Programs
  • Harvest Television and Production Company started operations in the year 2007 with the aim to glorify the name of Jesus Christ. The company was known as Black and White Entertainments and operated as a secular entertainment company since the year 1994. The company is dedicated to promote Christian Productions and inform the media segments about the churches and ministries functioning in India as well as the world over. We are driven by the goal to lift the name of Jesus Christ, whose name is above any other name, through this media. To help this cause we aid to advertise in Christian Slots/Christian Slot Marketing for TV channels in India and outside.

  • We began functioning as Christian TV News Network in September 2011. Our distribution is through satellite network,cable network, IPTV Platforms,Smart Tv platforms and through all major apps . Today Harvest TV stands as India's first Multi-Language Christian network. It is the most favoured channel dealing with Faith that is watched by viewers all over the globe. The strong point of the network is that it offers viewing of inspirational programs throughout 24 hours in a commercial-free environment. Harvest TV contains features with more original and exclusive content than any other channel with Faith We are facilitating the spread of a rich variety of culturally relevant programs that appeals to people belonging to all age groups including Daily news and weekly news round up.

  • Every company needs to grow and spread its wings in order to sustain. To meet this objective it has been decided to corporatize the company through incorporation of a private limited company called Harvest television Network P Ltd.

  • Our team consists of Chief Promoter Bibi George as head co-ordinator, 8 skilled technicians and able Administrative Staff. The team travels across the length and breadth of India in order to shoot and telecast the programs. Over the period of last 7 years, the team has developed skills and gained experience on delivery of world class work. With time the team has found its standing as a reputable unit engaged in presenting programs that qualify as of international standard. The satisfied clientele base encourages the team to carry on with the same zeal and enthusiasm with which it started the endeavour many years ago and keep on delivering programs of exceptional quality. The ever increasing viewership stands proof of the fact that the team is gaining in experience and skill with each passing day.